Retrospectre is the video production branch
of Antwerp-based label Fuoco.

We are a team of creative professionals from diverse backgrounds,
united in our vision of full-package content delivery.

We specialize in live broadcasting of events to the web.

Check out our Services for detailed descriptions of what (else) we do.

Partners & Clients

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Live Streaming

Broadcasting your event to the web – live – opens up a lot of possibilities. Retrospectre allows you to explore all of them. Present your creation to the world as it happens. Reach out to those who could not be present even if they wished to be. Interact with and engage your audience in new ways, using moderated chats, polls, twitter feeds and other integrated social media platforms.



Option 1: We embed the live stream into your existing website
Option 2: We create a one-page microwebsite for the event with optional social media integration
Option 3: Our designers develop a brand new multi-page website for your organization and/or event


We can design the entire look for your event’s promotional materials. This includes posters, flyers, business cards, banners and other prints as well as digital designs for your (micro)website, social media platforms and the graphical overlays on your live stream.


We coordinate with venues to ensure that all technical requirements for a live stream of the highest quality are met, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: the content.


For classical music and other musical events where every frame counts, we work together with experienced live music directors to ensure that every shot is the right shot. Scores are examined and divided in accordance with the camera setup chosen for your event.



We adapt to your needs. We work out the optimal setup in consultation with our clients, including the number and types of cameras.
We work together with a handpicked selection of excellent and experienced camera operators (VRT, Eurosong, FIFA, …)


Retrospectre can provide their own experienced audiophiles to deliver a crystal clear stereo mix which is used for the live stream as well a separate recording.


Ahead of the event, graphic overlays are created in line with your event’s branding (either our original designs or your own existing ones). These can display anything you want: names, messages, random ramblings, …


– Implement a Twitter feed on your live stream
– Embed into your Facebook page
– Engage your audience with polls
– Interact with your audience using live chats


Upon request, your stream can be locked behind a paywall. Viewers can purchase a key to view the stream through PayPal at your decided price.



Our recordings make for excellent footage for documentaries. Covering an interesting topic? A composer? A musician? Something else entirely? We have the experience and the will to make something more out of your event.


On request, we record the broadcasted footage and edit out pauses in your event and/or hiccups using our separate camera recordings – delivering a clean and uncompressed final product ready for you to use in the future.


The multi-cam footage of your event can easily be edited to make a fine promotional trailer for upcoming events.


We always hand over the unedited raw footage of our live streams for free – for you to do with as you please.

Documentary Production

Retrospectre’s first in-house creation was Looking for Cole – an hour-long documentary about American composer Cole Porter. After premiering on Canvas in 2015, it is now distributed by the prestigious label EuroArts which will also release it on DVD later this year.

Looking for Cole was made by a team of just three people, all of whom still work at or with Retrospectre. For more information, visit the EuroArts page.

We’re always looking out for new, fun and interesting projects. If you’ve got something you’d like to work on with us, feel free to drop us a line at



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